Review: Cardhu 12

Cardhu 12yr 

Single Malt Scotch - Speyside Region, Scotland 

40% ABV

Cardhu 12

One of my all time favorite whiskies to introduce to someone who is new to the single malt world or even the whisk(e)y world in general for that matter. To me this is fruit and flowers in a glass. This is a shining example of why the Speyside region of whiskies (area name given to the large number of distilleries found along the River Spey in Scotland) are so incredibly popular. Delicate and light in flavor but you still know you are drinking a whisky. Though I say that this is a great beginners malt, it also makes a perfect addition on anyone’s shelf or gift for the aspiring connoisseur. 


The nose starts with fruity aromas of sweet, ripe watermelon and fresh apples rolling into light spices and floral greens. On the palate the watermelon and other fruit flavors come alive like a fresh fruit salad while a little bit of honey, some bolder sweetness and a tiny bit of pepper are there too. The initial finish is a bit quick, but not too quick, with a very pleasant note of cocoa and the light spices first noticed on the nose. Mild overall, but extremely well balanced and flavorful. At only 40% ABV this bottle could quickly and easily become a dangerous one since it is so smooth and easy to drink. Perfect for a summer afternoon or evening to share with friends.