Review: Glendronach 12

Glendronach 12

Single Malt Scotch - Speyside Region, Scotland 

43% ABV

The Glendronach 12

One of my all-time favorite distilleries, Glendronach is known the whisky world over for their beautifully bold and rich "sherry bomb” whiskies and their flagship 12 year bottling is certainly no exception to that very popular view. Though in recent years they have gained even greater popularity with their limited single cask releases, this one from their core range is fantastic and a true gem thats typically easy to find at a reputable liquor store. 

With this particular bottle, the whisky is aged in a combination of both Oloroso and Pedro Ximinez casks from Spain which gives it a beautiful dark color and much of its flavor. Immediately the nose brings you the huge sherry sweetness right in for a close-up and a gentle smack on the face to make sure you are paying attention. Vanilla, ginger and baking spices follow the sherry with an extra little zing. The palate is a delicious mixture of dark, rich and creamy fruits, cinnamon and some citrus zest. Very warming even though it is only bottled at 43% ABV. The finish is long and dark with oak notes that coat your whole mouth and won't leave you anytime soon. With a tiny drop of water, a bit of white pepper is brought out on the nose that might give you another little "that's a good boy" kind of slap to the cheek again, and the initial hotness first tasted without the water is brought down. Don't worry the finish is still plenty long and keeps that sweet sherry bomb warmth that Glendronach is so highly regarded for.