Review: Teeling Single Malt

Teeling Single Malt 

Irish Single Malt - Dublin, Ireland

46% ABV

Teeling Single Malt 

For anyone out there who may think that Irish whiskey is limited to a shot or two of Jameson when you're out with your friends on St. Patrick's Day, or the first course in a line of PBR’s for you hipsters out there, please allow me to suggest a different view for you, because this one is very different and worth the time spent with it. With a few exceptions the general process for making whiskey in Ireland, besides spelling it with the 'e' and also blending multiple grains together for their whiskies, is distilling their spirit three times as opposed to twice in Scotland. (Though a very small number of Scottish distilleries do choose to distill three times. Again, exceptions happen.) The third go-round in the process leaves a clean and lighter spirit, a quality very prominent in this whiskey. 

This little gem is candied fruit in a glass for days! Like rock candy that was made from a giant smoothie. The flavor is bursting of peaches and melon that turns into a very pleasant smoke and charred wood. Still surprisingly light and very refreshing. Nothing nearly like an Islay peat bomb, but just enough so you know it's there. The finish draws that slight smokiness out very nicely with an aftertaste of dark chocolate. Personally, this is the kind of bottle that could be drank far too easily and quickly… A tiny bit of water sharpens the nose and brings out more of the melon and dark chocolate on the palette. A truly great and (at times) very underrated and forgotten bottle!

This is not the whiskey that just gets kicked back with a pint. This is an absolutely delicious Irish Single Malt that you sip with friends while you all plan out your trip together to the Emerald Isle.