Review: Redemption Rye

Redemption Rye (Pre Prohibition Rye Revival)

Rye Whiskey - Indiana, US

46% ABV

Redemption Rye

Thankfully Prohibition is not the law of the land anymore. There are far greater evils out there than any drink I've come across yet, even counting the ones that may have left you a bit under the weather the next morning… But Redemption's Pre-Prohibition Rye Revival is a salute to one of the most popular and preferred spirits in the US before the 18th Amendment changed everything and rye whiskey came nearly close to being forgotten. Even better for us now (besides the 21st Amendment) is that this is one of the best priced rye whiskies on the market. At only $25-$30 this is a must-have bottle to have on any shelf for cocktails, or just straight up by itself. Though by law in the US a rye whiskey labeled as such has to be made of at least 51% rye grain, Redemption uses a significantly higher mixture in their mash bill recipe and makes this whiskey using 95% rye. The result is a very bold and spicy whiskey that you are not likely to forget very quickly. 

It is on the younger side, roughly only 2-3 years which gives it a bit of heat on top of the spice, but with a little bit of citrus and floral notes to round out the big spice flavor this would work wonders in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned stye cocktail, or simply just fill your flask with it for your next fishing trip or outdoor summer concert. Whichever the occasion, or however you prefer it this rye cannot be beat for the price.