Review: Longmorn 16

Longmorn 16

Single Malt Scotch - Speyside Region, Scotland


Longmorn 16

The Longmorn 16 is a truly amazing whisky though was not too easily found around my area, so during my first trip to Scotland it was one of the first bottles I knew would be coming back home with me. Sadly this particular version of this bottle is no longer available as of 2016 and was replaced with a “new” 16 year. Don’t let the potential lack of ease of availability steer you away from this bottle because there likely to be a couple of them left out there somewhere! If you happen to find one it is well worth the purchase price to own. And if you happen to find one and don’t want it, then at least let me know!

Matching its pale gold color beautifully this whisky begins with a very delicate but extremely complex nose. Fresh flowers and apples combine with light spices to follow with a touch of lemon grass. The aromas grow and shift in waves which makes this kind of malt into one that can easily be enjoyed over a very long time. The first sip is silky smooth and brings the sweetness of the apples right to the forefront with just the right amount of freshly ground black pepper to make this whisky pop. The finish is long and very warm, again making this a great choice to enjoy over the course of the night. Through and through this bottle is a gem worth its weight in liquid gold to be sipped and savored with the best of friends if you come across it.

Jay ColeComment