anCnoc 18 Year

anCnoc 18 Yr

Single Malt Scotch - Highland Region

46% ABV.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again many times over. Not all whisk(e)y is created equally. There is most certainly A LOT out there in the world, but some expressions just shine and shine a whole lot brighter than some others. The anCnoc 18 is without a doubt one of those bottles in my book. 

Aside from it already being a very good value 18 year bottling, the juice inside speaks volumes all its own. As a whole I don’t think that the whiskies of the Knockdhu distillery get nearly as much credit and praise as they deserve. But, I suppose while prices rise and allocations get smaller from some of the other big guys out there, I’ll take comfort in knowing that there are still a fair number of gems left that don’t have the chaotic bandwagon of flippers, hoarders and general consumers that flock to whatever has the most hype about it instead of trying to educate themselves on other brands and bottlings. 

I digress... Back to the whisky…

From a combination of maturation in American oak ex-bourbon barrels and Spanish oak ex-sherry casks the nose of this whisky pops with loads of bright fresh fruit, citrus zest, baking spices and a delicious heather-honey floralness that brings you right to the heart of the Highlands. The palate is initially spicy with cinnamon and notes of ginger then moves to sweet honey, then finishing with those richer red berry sherry notes. While water does tame down and lighten the initial spice on the nose and palate more floral characters come through with even more sweetness and even longer finish. Tough to say which way I like better, but an incredible dram 

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