Review: Ardbeg Ardbog

Ardbeg Ardbog

Single Malt Scotch - Islay Region, Scotland 

52.1% ABV

Ardbeg Ardbog 

Sometimes a name just says it all. For Ardbeg’s 2013 special, limited release, this is exactly the case. As is with the majority of their other bottlings, the distillery very consistently delivers what their titles and marketing suggest. If you’re a land-locked whisky lover that is aching for a seaside camping trip then consider this your whisky to seek out. No long drives, no searching for parking, and no sand in your shoes. One glass of this little cask strength gem and you’ll swear you’ve sparked the best beach bonfire any happy camper could ask for.  

The nose is sharp, briny with pungent sea salt and other coastal notes, but pleasantly balanced with sweet cake and sugary frosting ending with citrus zest. Once you are ready for your first taste get ready for the fire you’ve been waiting on. The palate is everything a diehard Islay peat-freak desires. Slow burning matchbook smoke, earthy peat, salt and wonderfully mentholic syrup. The whisky finishes a bit dry but long and very warm. A couple drops of water and the salty characters are raised on the nose while the finish turns slightly sweeter. Either way a most excellent whisky!

So you can leave the tent packed up and the boogie boards buried wherever they are in the garage. Take yourself right down to the beach and relax a little with this one. By far one of my absolute favorite of these limited releases from Ardbeg. 

Jay ColeComment