Maker's Mark Private Select - Four Seasons Exclusive

Makers Mark Private Select FS Exclusive

Kentucky Bourbon - USA

54.85% ABV

Maker’s Mark Private Select Bourbon exclusive to Four Seasons Wine and Liquor - Hadley, MA

For every time there is a season. And for every season there is a bourbon...

So, when Four Seasons Wine and Liquor was given the opportunity to create and bottle a store-exclusive bourbon from Maker’s Mark that is exactly what owner, Sean Barry set out to accomplish for the fall and winter holiday months. Using the same method of additional wood staves as their Maker’s 46 expression, the Private Select program allows for a custom finishing “recipe” of seasoned staves to create a truly unique flavor profile. 

Desiring something that would drink just as well with a hearty holiday meal as it would by the fire after it, Sean’s chosen recipe of staves included: (1) “Baked American Pure 2”, (3) “Seared French Cuvée”, (1) “Makers 46”, (4) “Roasted French Mocha” and (1) “Toasted French Spice”. 

Results? The combination of these specific staves prove that they are indeed perfect for the most wonderful time of the year. In just a few words; rich, chewy, spicy, fruity. Delectable! 

One the nose, hearty baking spices, cinnamon, nutmeg and sweet frosted gingerbread men with those tiny hot red button candies. The palate is a very rich, warming classic Makers vanilla, spice and oak amplified by the added French Mocha staves giving way to a finish of dark cocoa and sugared orange slice candies. For those curious, a couple drops of water brings out a white pepper spice on the nose and palate that just adds to the incredibly long and elegant finish and will not hurt the seemingly high but very easy ABV of 54.85%. 

My suggestion? Pour one glass for your deep fried turkey or roast beast, then another for your pie of choice or Indian Pudding. But, make sure to have that seat in front of the fireplace reserved, because you are going to want it. Cheers. 

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