Review: Privateer Distiller's Drawer Cigar Box

Privateer Distiller’s Drawer “Cigar Box”

Straight Rum - Ipswich, MA 

55.4% ABV

Privateer Distiller's Drawer Series "Cigar Box"

I suppose it really was only a matter of time before I was going to sit down with a bottle of rum and do a bit of note taking. I am a pirate after all... 

Over the last few years there has been a very pleasant and refreshing increase in recognition for extremely fine rum production that has left a number of us normal and typical whisk(e)y drinkers pouring from some bottles that may never have seen space on our shelves before.  These are not the overly sweet, artificially flavored and hangover inducing well cocktail mixers. These are very nice sippers that nose and taste with many of the same qualities as a bourbon, and are very much worth the time to sit down and relax with. 

So forget your spiced Captain Morgan and your overproofed Bacardi. This is a single barrel, cask strength, bottle 58 of 218, real deal unfiltered rum from Privateer clocking in at a very nice 55.4% ABV.

Exactly as the Cigar Box title of this expression suggests, you are most definitely opening up a bottle bursting with aromas of sweet and rustic tobacco that brings you back to your grandfather’s house on a Sunday night after a family dinner. Or maybe the picture is painted to a cozy study and a fire, with an old leather bound book and a dog at your feet. Or instead, its just a night out with friends playing some cards and sharing some laughs. My hunch would be that a bottle like this is going to give everyone something a little different and special in its own way. 

The nose is sweet, dark and rustic with notes of, burnt sugar, tobacco leaf, leather, dried fruits and candied orange peel with a slight hint of ginger herbalness. The palate is beautiful dark spice, sweet, hearty molasses, burnt brown sugar, charred barbecue meats and fresh oak wood with a very rich and coating mouth feel. While this is on the younger side, the higher alcohol level is by no means overpowering the flavors and aromas this rum has. Extremely well balanced.The finish sails along very nicely with the charred bbq and oak giving way to hints of bitter cocoa. While I don’t think it is necessary for it to enjoy the full richness and character of this rum, a couple tiny drops of water does turn up both the nose and the palate with a bit more heat. 

The Cigar Box is only one of the rotating Distiller’s Drawer series of bottlings from Privateer and I'm extremely excited to see what else will be coming down the road, especially after just having the opportunity to pay them a visit. Those interested in fully experiencing the rest of the range from the distillery should absolutely make the time to take a tour and meet with the incredibly awesome folks who work there. I really can't say enough about how great Maggie and the rest of the Privateer crew is. Pirate’s promise that you will not be disappointed. 

Get more details on Privateer's tours, tasting room and other info HERE

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