Review: Floki Young Malt

Floki Icelandic Young Malt 

Single Malt - Iceland  

47% ABV

Floki Icelandic Young Malt 

If you've been lucky enough to visit Iceland then you probably saw this bottle up on a shelf in one of the many downtown Reykjavik bars, or stacked and displayed very attractively in the duty free liquor area of the Keflavik International Airport. While having my chance to experience this very amazing country there was really no arm twisting needed at all for me to try and pick up this bottle.Though I cannot easily begin to relate this to any kind of a Scottish or Irish single malt, this is still without a doubt a very unique whisky that delivers all of the beautifully raw and rugged qualities of the country's breathtaking landscapes and scenery. I have no doubt that this is what vikings would be drinking in the modern age. This is Iceland in a glass.

As plainly stated by the name on the bottle, it is a young malt. Made 100% from Icelandic barely, this whisky is only aged only around 2 years. So, this bottling of the first release is very hot and very spice forward. Even being cut down to 47% ABV the nose brings very young, fresh and spicy spirit. More reminiscent of a rye and some American single malt whiskies, the anise spice quality is the first of the aromas followed up by fresh leather and green wood. The flavors are again, very hot from it's young age. Dark, minty and very herbal in taste with some orange peel. The finish is dry and long with more of the green wood and herbs in the aftertaste. 

Not an every day whisky for those needing to try and compare it to something like a Macallan, but still very unique and tasty in its own right. I would be very curious to see what older versions of this malt would be like if they sat in the barrel for a few more years. All the more reason to go back again for another round.