Review: Glendalough 13 Mizunara

Glendalough 13 Mizunara Finish Irish Whiskey

Single Malt - Ireland 

46% ABV

Glendalough 13 yr Mizunara Cask 

There is no doubt about it that there is consistently A LOT more coming out in the way of new whiskies now than there was only 10 years ago. And while it is usually pretty easy to keep up with the larger distilleries and whisk(e)y companies out there in the world, every now and again there is enough buzz and praise about a product that can really launch another name forward into the limelight. Ireland’s Glendalough Distillery has done exactly that with the release of their new 13 year single malt that has been finished in Japanese Mizunara oak casks. With more Mizunara whiskies finding their way to the masses it is excellent timing on Glendalough’s part to release this new expression to the world. 

Due to its own rarity and softness Mizunara barrels are very few and far between. The use of this wood is very restricted in Japan and what little of it becomes available for cask making can still make for a labor of love at best, as it is prone to leaking due to its own density. But just as Glendalough has proven within their own spirits, the coopers and wood working masters of Japan have honed their skills to produce these casks which have now ushered in what may very well be a huge turning point for Glendalough and quite possibly the future of Irish Whiskey making.

After first maturing in American ex-bourbon casks this single malt is then transferred over to the Mizunara. the Japanese oak contributes to even more layers of vanilla and tropical fruit notes of coconut, melon and light citrus. Though the wood itself is delicate the aromas and flavors it contributed to are extremely complex and well worth a long sit to savor. After being fortunate enough to sample this whiskey early on just before its official landing I can truly say, “Wow!”

To everyone at Glendalough - Well done lads. Well done indeed! Slainte! 

Jay ColeComment