Review: Tamdhu Batch Strength 001

Tamdhu Batch Strength 001

Single Malt Scotch - Speyside Region, Scotland

58.8% ABV

Tamdhu Batch Strength 001

If there’s an ideal whisky to cut through a brisk, cold winter’s night and bring the chill out of your bones, chances are it will very likely be a sherried cask strength malt that will do it. That’s not to say that others before or after may warm you up along the course of the evening as well, but these whiskies will warm your soul from the inside out. As a dear friend of mine often suggests, “good ole Scottish central heating” 

From the moment I was first able to try Tamdhu’s first release of their Batch Strength series I knew it would make itself a home on my shelf sooner or later. A bit sadly, and even to my own honesty, Tamdhu sometimes seems to get lost in the shuffle amongst other distilleries better well known with grander marketing campaigns. But this whisky is a perfect example to never rule out a bottling or distillery simply because you’re not as familiar with it in comparison to other bigger names out there. Simply stated, this a grand, warming, and richly flavorful Speyside single malt aged a combination of American and European oak ex-sherry casks that is suited perfectly for the end of a long cold day. 

The nose is sherry sweetness and spice to a T. Red berries and sweet whipped dessert frosting at the top with a gentle but prominent cinnamon and malty backbone underneath. Though the nose may appear light for a 58.8% ABV sherried whisky such as this, the first sip will most undoubtingly change your opinion of this being light. Rolling sherry, hot cinnamon, hearty baked dessert bread notes combine for an extremely warming palate. A “stick-to-your-ribs” type of dram with a long powerful finish that will leave you with a smile. Wood fire and leather chair highly suggested for the fullest effect. 

One or two small drops of water brings considerable amounts of white and black pepper to the nose and palate turning this robust whisky even thicker and richer to the point where you may need a knife and fork. For those looking to turn up the heat a little bit, a definite recommendation. Slainte! 

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