Way more than just whisky, this is whisky and wanderlust! A simple collection of some of the adventures I take myself on and what I do to keep myself busy. I'm always on the hunt for something pleasing to the taste, eyes and ears.


Since my very early 20's I have been an appreciator of whisky and beer from all over the world. Constantly searching, sipping, and tasting something new as often as I could, general interest eventually turned into a great passion and an ever growing collection. I believe there is far too much good stuff out there to keep to yourself and I was taught very early on that a good drink will always taste even better when it is shared with good friends. 

I had always enjoyed the outdoors as a kid from camping with my father to just simply taking a walk in the woods, but by my mid 20's the urge to be outside soaking in all that I could grew more and more. The idea and desire to get out and travel also started to become a constant thought. Small day trips turned into longer weekend getaways while destinations became further away, and so it went on and on. Then everything came to a head for me when I was 28 and I gave myself a little bit of a life overhaul which included quitting my job of almost 8 years and spending a month and a half driving solo cross country and then following that up with a couple weeks in Europe. By the end of that stretch saying that I was bitten by the travel bug was a severe understatement. I was completely stricken and seduced by wanderlust, all while snapping some pictures with my phone along the way.  


I never honestly thought or considered myself a real photographer in the least during those times, especially just using my phone, but since recently investing in my first real and decent camera there has been another new love and passion beginning to take shape. Now the craving to capture more has just turned up the craving for more of everything else. Even at this point in time I would still only consider myself a very novice, amateur photographer at best, but I love it all just the same. 

Rewinding back to when I was much younger, I always remember having a bit of an infatuation with pirates. Something about the skull and crossbones I guess.. I also had a love for Jeep Wranglers and being able to drive without a top or doors. So when I decided to take the plunge to finally own one it wasn't long before I started building and modifying it.  "Whisky Pirate" was nothing more than my username on a few Jeep forums that I used to get help with research and advice while building it up. Ultimately I ended up meeting and making some great friends from it all, the name turned into my call sign and then it's own character of sorts that everyone knew me as. So needless to say, the name stuck with me. 

Now the Whisky Pirate has taken on a life of it's own and I'm just along for the ride.


Life is far too short to be bored,